Bacon Kips Rounds Recipe

Bacon Kip RoundsBacon Kips rounds are a sterling snack! Great for the kids around the pool, the guys watching rugby or general fun get-togethers with friends and family. It’s a wonderful tasty, savoury snack. A step up from plain chips or biscuits. Simple and inexpensive but, people will comment on them!

So, let’s get crunching and cracking! First, the ingredients:

Bacon Kips Rounds Recipe

This makes 16 bacon kips rounds.

  • 8 Slices of soft, ordinary, plain, white bread.
  • 16 bacon kips
  • 60g crisps (2 small packets). Use any flavour you like, but smoked beef works well.
  • Soft butter

An that is all you need for a cute, quick snack.

What’s next:

  • Start with a cookie cutter – yes, a cookie cutter and no cooking or baking involved! Use a cookie cutter that is about the size of bacon kips. Cut rounds out of the slices of bread. It is often better if your bread is a day old so that it is not too soft and crumbles. You should get four rounds out of one slice of bread.

Cut out bread rounds with a Cookie Cutter

No waste tip: You can take the remainders of the bread slices, dry them out in the oven and make bread crumbs.

  • Take the packet of crisps and, start crushing them. Just use your hands to squeeze the packet with the chips still inside. Don’t crumble them fine with a rolling pin. You want fairly rough pieces, not fine.

Crumble Packet Crisps

  • Now take a bacon kip, smear soft butter on one side and place it on a bread round. Then smear butter on the other side of the bacon kip and place a second bread round on top. Use a fair amount of butter as you don’t want them to fall apart. It is easier to smear butter on bacon kips than on bread, as it is sturdier.

Smear Butter On Bacon Kip


Bread On Either Side

  • Then smear soft butter around the edge of the round.

Smear Butter Round Edges

  • Roll the round gently in the crisp crumbles until the buttered edges are well-covered. If you want, you can roll the rounds in biltong crumbles. Snaz it up!

Roll In Crisps

  • Repeat the process with each bacon kip until you have your 16 rounds.

Cover Sides

And that is all there is to it!

You will have them coming back for more!

Look for baking classes in your area.

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