Wedding Photography Courses

Wedding Photography CoursesThere are many reasons for signing up for wedding photography courses. Perhaps you are a photographer and would like to move into wedding photography – it is a great way to start making money from a hobby. Perhaps you take good photos and friends and family are asking you to be the photographer for their weddings. Perhaps you simply love weddings and want to get involved. Whatever the case may be, wedding photography courses are a must.

You can’t photograph a wedding with absolutely no experience or knowledge. There are no second chances! If you miss the moment or you mess up a shot, it’s a serious problem. The bride and groom are relying on you to capture the memories of their most special day. You need to have a good understanding of the basics of your camera and photography which may require a beginner’s photography course. It would also be useful if you have done an advanced photography course to enhance your skills even further.

So, what can you expect to learn in wedding photography courses?

Wedding Photography Courses

There are a number of aspects to wedding photography courses. Naturally, you will learn about the photography side of things but you also need to learn about the people side of things. You must know what to expect and prepare for on a wedding day.

Then you could also learn about post-processing of the photographs. Creating an album could also be included in the course. Finally, as wedding photography typically involves income, the business side of things could be covered.

Wedding Photography

Firstly, there will be a section on equipment which covers the basic gear you will need for successful wedding photography.

Then it is important to know and understand the whole wedding process. Planning and timing are essential. You must know what happens when, what can be expected, what can go wrong, what issues could arise before or after the wedding…..and how can you best handle these.

The bride will most likely be late, the minister could ramble on and talk over time, something could be forgotten etc. Tips and tricks are an important part of wedding photography courses. The more prepared you are, the better. Weddings are stressful and if you know how to handle difficult situations you can avoid unpleasant moments.

It is also important to discuss the wants and expectation of the couple. You need to produce shots that are in line with what they desire.

Photographing weddings

Now, turning to the actual photography. You will learn about the different styles of wedding photography and then how to handle all of the different situations i.e. preparation, the ceremony, group shots, detail shots, the reception etc. The type of photography one experiences at weddings is vast – people, portraits, décor….even landscapes. It is not just people photography. It can be very creative and exciting.

Essential topics such as lighting and posing will be covered. Composition is an important part of the photographs and you need to understand what goes into making a successful wedding photograph. Also, get an understanding of the latest wedding photography trends.

Practical Shoots

All wedding photography courses must have practical shooting sessions. It is very important to get first-hand experience of photographing, in particular, a bride and groom. You cannot do this for the first time at a wedding! Unless you are just back-up photographer.

Digital Workflow

This is the section that covers processing the photographs afterwards. So, you learn about the different types of software that are available and then different techniques for retouching the photographs e.g. softening, black and white, adjustments to colour etc.

Also aspects such as cropping and sharpening the photos are covered. Finally, you will receive some advice for printing.

Wedding photography is not always easy, but it is very rewarding – both creatively and financially. Wedding photography courses are highly recommended for any photographer wanting to move into this exciting realm.

Get inspired with some fantastic wedding photography.

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